IPX-472 + IPX-710 – “Nanny-Cam” Combination

7″ Monitor Touch Screen for Use within the IP Network System


Divert calls from the Entry Panel to a Smartphone through the Internet and Cloud-Based SIP Server.


Main Features:

  • The IPX-472 Monitor Station works in tandem with the IPX-710
    camera panel to provide image and sound monitoring form
    another IPX-471 or IPX-472 Monitor within the same home,
    villa, apartment or business.
  • Both the IPX-472 and IPX-710 are IP Network PoE devices that
    use separate Cat5 connections to the Network hardware.
  • The IPX-471 Monitor Station has the same features of the IPX-471
    with added features to enable the IPX-710 camera panel.
  • The camera panel design is similar to the IPX-610 Entry Panel
  • Standard camera recording features are available