DT-433 Eight Apartment Kit

DK43381/ID – Includes:

DT-433, 4.3″ monitor station (8 each)
DMR11S/ID/D8, eight apt. entry panel (1 each)
RH-MR11, surface box (1 each)
DR-60-24, UL approved power supply (1 each)
DT-DPS, power separator (1 each)
DT-DBC4A1, output controller (2 each)
DS-ERL, 3 amp. relay (1 each)
DIN Rail (1 each)
AC Cord (1 each)
HL-3, key fob (16 each)

Kits Include: Monitor(s), Entry Panel and Other Components Listed in each Kit Description.

Featuring the DT-433 Monitor Station

and DT-607C Series Entry Panels